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Ok so, a few years ago I read a very in-depth guide on how to be a good wife (a topic for another day) and a major priority, it said, is to be super organized, yes, “SUPER”. Now being kind of a disorganized and messy person by nature, at the time I didn’t really understand how being organized was a marriage-saving trait, but lately I’ve gotten certain things organized to a point where I am really beginning to see just how important organization is within a household, especially a large household! Marriage-saving? I don’t know, and I don’t think that a healthy marriage will end due to a wife who lacks organizational skills, but ‘sanity-saving’, yes, most definitely… And, ‘stress-reducing’ for sure!

Lemme just say this, 1) its not easy and 2) it’s really difficult! I’ve done some, ok a lot, of research, it’s taken years – literally – to get from being completely scattered to the point where I’ve successful organized exactly half of my house, or life, or both. Either way, I’m half way there, or half way to 90% because I’m not sure 100% organized is a possibility (for anyone?). Anyway, in my research, lot’s of pinterest and IKEA ideas, and IKEA hacks, I’ve found 2 core idea. The first, is have a place for everything, and put everything in it’s place. I know, it’s an old adage, and everyone’s heard about it, but somehow it just didn’t click that such a simple concept can make such a huge difference in life. The second is to “purge”, you know, get rid of all that “stuff” we’ve accumulated, I’ve heard there are shows about this kind of thing (we don’t have cable),

Google search “benefits of decluttering and purging your home”, and you’re sure to find about a million ways to say “a minimalistic life is a happy life”, and it’s true, I guess, I mean we should live ascetic lives, as recommended by the prophet (saw). But what exactly does an ascetic life mean? For your perusal, a very simple answer from Islam Q&A, which is also my general understanding – live within your means, luxury is fine, as long as its not excessive or for bragging rights, and I would add my favourite thought… jannah is the place to “keep up with the joneses”, or kardashians, or whatever, not here. I mean, it is zen to have a simple, decluttered life, and all of that, but it’s sunnah. And for me, it’s become important because when I think that I am accountable for my possessions, for the way I spend money, for the choices I make, I feel a fair amount of anxiety, which thankfully gives me that energy to continue purging and decluttering the almost 40 year old mess I’ve managed to procure.

I’ve been doing the purging thing for about 3 years now, and I’m still in that mode, but, I can see light at the end of the tunnel now. I can’t say that I would label myself a hoarder exactly, but I have clearly accumulated a LOT of stuff. A very large contributor is the fact that in addition to me, there are 5 kids in the house, 2 of whom are under 3 years old, and the other 3 who seem to grow out of things every few months, so I feel like we are always in a period of flux, and periods of flux are not easy.

My process so far is to do an initial declutter of each room… so just take out the things that are easy to get rid off… you know, garbage, clothing with holes in them, that kind of thing… And then move out larger items that are not needed within that particular room (it could be repurposed some place else in the house), I just collect the unused items into a semi-free space in the house. Then I move onto another room and do the same thing. It’s a wash, rinse, repeat type thing, and it takes a lot of patience, but eventually, you will start to see a glimpse of that payoff!

Forthcoming is a detailed review of what I did and didn’t do… until then, enjoy some of the pins below that helped inspire me! 😉