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by | Mar 30, 2016

I had my fair share of bread making adventures in the past, all courtesy of the unending recipes and techniques available via pinterest. Recently though I got the book Bourke Street Bakery – The Ultimate Baking Companion, and it seems that my entire family is sort of obsessed with it.

bourke street bakery recipe sourdough starter

Well, at least my husband is. He’s been diligently working on a sourdough starter – it’s in it’s second week of life and is doing good – as well as baking up the olive oil dough bread almost every single day. My sons have tried a few of the recipes as well, and I must say that I’ve been very impressed with the results.


Each recipe, whether bread, or pizza, or appetizer, or dessert has tasted delicious and the directions were not too difficult to follow. As well as the authors explain in details some of the finer points of baking, sourdough making, and other things, which is just a nice bonus.

The best part is that I got my husband and boys cooking!

bourke street bakery recipe olive oil bread

The book though, is out of print now in most places, sadly, but you will find it at some chapters on sale for only $15! Which is an excellent prices, so check your local Chapters or Indigo and enjoy! And if you happen to be in Australia, visit Bourke Street Bakery and let me know how awesome the goods are in person.